South Africa Part 2


Our second week started with a three hour trip to Durban. When we arrived at our accommodation we were shocked. What an amazing house! We love everything that is modern and this house had it all. They even had a Jack Russel named Trompie where we fell in love with. Even now, when I see Jack Russels walking on the street I have to think about Trompie. In Durban we enjoyed a nice dinner at Little Havana where we ate a Springbok carpaccio, which is a must when you visit South Africa. The next day we woke up very early to walk along the boulevard of Durban. The weather was amazing and we loved the atmosphere. Since we also wanted to see the Drakensberg we had to leave Durban after a few hours to drive to Winterton. This small town had almost nothing, so we just enjoyed some snacks and drinks from the supermarket. The next day we did something I will never forget!

We did a Canopy tour through the Drakensberg and it was amazing! This first part was really scary, but when we got the hang of it, it was an one in a life time experience. It did help that we had such a fun group with two very loud American women who were so funny. Without such a fun group, the experience would definitely have been different. We did 12 lines and it was breathtaking. Sliding between the mountains, waterfalls and jungle was a great experience. Would definitely recommend it to anyone! After this activity we started our drive towards Oudtshoorn. We stopped in several towns such as Southbroom, East London and Port Elizabeth to minimize the long drive. In Oudtshoorn we did an adventure cave tour where we had to crawl to small entrances. It was great, but in caves the humidity is so high that I was sweating like crazy. I was also wearing shorts, very stupid, so after the tour I had bruises everywhere. But it did show I did some activity during this vacation. Then it was time for week 3, stay tuned for the last part!