Citytrip to Budapest

imbudapestbuilding 1600th

Hi lovies!

This month I spend four lovely days in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. I got to spend this trip with two girlfriends who I already know for more than 10 years. What an adventure it has been!

It all started with a crazy arrival. After being picked up by the taxi, we were dropped of in front of a building where our apartment was situated. After ringing the doorbell for 10 times, we decided to call the contact person of the apartment. No luck for us.. Then we thought we might be in front of the wrong building and decided to walk to another street. All of sudden two girls attacked us and pulled our hair! We were so shocked, but also really scared. All of our stuff (laptops, phones, clothes etc.) were in our bags and we thought they wanted to rob us. In the end they were just crazy on drugs and needed someone to attack. We ran towards the closest bar that was still open and then the girls ran away. We were so happy they were gone, but still had no place to go. In our eye corner we saw the entrance of a hotel and decided to ask for a room there for the night, we just didn’t wanted to be outside anymore. But unfortunately the hotel had no vacant room anymore.. And then, after two hours, the owner of the apartment finally called and she came pick us up from the other hotel. So at 3.00 AM we got to sleep in a safe and warm room. What a crazy night! For the rest of our adventure you can look at the vlog I have made for the entire trip.